Working for brighter futures

Our Sustainability Commitment

Patagonia Expedition Vehicles are committed to helping reduce the carbon footprint we could potentially leave behind.

Our commitment to sustainability is always under review as laws and regulations change. However, with that being said, the team at PXV strive to make all aspects of the company environmentally responsible.


Energy Consumption

PXV endeavours to make responsible choices to reduce energy consumption and we have implemented systems in our construction process as well as our vehicle features that help achieve our organisational goals to minimise energy use.

Our bespoke vehicles are fitted with solar panels and other responsible energy sources so you can be assured you are minimising the trail you leave behind on your journeys.

The use of renewable energies are used on-site and factor into the plans that PXV has in place to reduce carbon emissions.


Recycling and Business Waste

We strive to recycle all of our business waste and are continually reviewing the systems in place when disposing of excess or damaged goods.

There are multiple recycling points on site and employees are encouraged to dispose of any business waste responsibly and appropriately.



We are committed to providing a working environment that enables our staff to learn and further develop their skills. Our aim is to provide an all-inclusive workplace where our staff feels valued and respected.

Our training extends to providing information about being environmentally responsible and holding high standards when it comes to reducing the impact PXV has on the environment.